KW 6-160 HD  $839Plus $99 shipping

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CTR6-160 Auto Controller

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Shorty III    works 6m thru 160m   

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​​KW 6-160 HD

Mobil or Base


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600 watts PEP rated 

Larry's Antennas LLC  

Standard 6-160      $649 Plus $79 shipping in

US and Canada

Our company has been building quality antennas for ham radio since the year 2,000.  Our antennas will tune to all the HF bands and 6 meters.  From 1.8mhz to 54mhz.

Our insulators at the base of each antenna are made from UV resistant high impact Delrin or Acetal.  They are also treated for extra UV resistance.  

KW 6-160 HD mounted on aluminum table 

.  Ground rod should be used  on all base installs.

All our antennas come with a manual controller, whip, mounting post and bolt, choke, HD models come also with feed point matching coil.  

The push of one button either up or down starts the motor in the antenna moving and if, the transmitter is on, the motor will keep going until the swr bridge sees an improvement, it then slows the motor and starts recording the swr seen in the dip.  When swr starts to go up after passing the best spot, the motor reverses and goes back to the best spot recorded.  In other words it searches to see if swr will improve or not.  When the coil is returned to the best spot, it is stopped with dynamic braking.  If at anytime you want it to stop, stop transmitting.  The motor can also be run up or down manually when wanted.  

​The controller has adjustable automatic current limiting.  In case the coil hits a end of travel stop or other high resistance, the motor will stop.

The CTR6-160 Auto Controller will work with any screwdriver antenna with or without counter switch/magnet switch.  It only requires connection to the 2 motor wires.  It has a SWR bridge built in and checks the swr as it tunes to resonance.  It will work with any HF radio transmitter.  It comes with a short coax jumper to connect to the transmitter.  It also comes with a choke for the motor wires.