Our company has been building quality antennas for ham radio for over 16 years.  Our antennas will tune to all the HF bands and 6 meters.  From 1.8mhz to 54mhz.

CTR6-160 Auto Controller Demo

KW 6-160 HD  $769 Plus $70 shipping

in US and Canada


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Shorty III    works 6m thru 160m   

$669 plus $59 shipping

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​360 896 5810

CTR6-160 Auto Controller 

$329 Plus $20 shipping US and Canada

600 watts PEP rated 

​​KW 6-160 HD

Mobil or Base

KW 6-160 HD mounted on aluminum table 

cap hat.  Ground rod should be used  on all base installs.

Standard 6-160      $589 Plus $59 shipping in

US and Canada

Excellent service